Tuning VR/AR

Virtual & augmented reality with PTZ

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General Details
Tecnopoint has fully integrated the Tuning products with the Panasonic AW-UE 150 PTZ movements.

From the RS422 camera port the TuningS software receive the AR/VR data and combine it with the Tuning column and/or dolly position.

The VR/AR interface works with the most popular protocols, as example the FreeD used by Vizrt, Zero Density, Brainstorm…

Then the virtual set machine receive from TuningS software the position of the system Tuning+PTZ and return, as final result, the virtual image overlapped with the real image during the motion.

This solution open the door to small broadcasting studio that wants to do cost effective virtual productions.

Tuning system allows a complete automation, so one person is able to manage all the PTZ in the studio.