Top Track Descender

Ceiling dolly with telescopic column

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General Details
TP foglio etichetta

Ceiling dolly with telescopic column for broadcast camera.

  • Telescopic column with customizable length.
  • Top Track Descenders works with two motors (no traction belt).
  • Compatible with Vitec Videocom master control for sequencing.
  • Compatible with Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • The dolly runs on steel rails with a diameter of 35mm and a thickness of 3 mm mounted on square trusses 400x400mm.
  • In low ceiling studios the track could be installed without the trusses.
  • Dolly and cables have a total width of 760mm.
  • Cables move along the track by a small cart system with 6 wheels or in a cable carrier system (no pending cables).
  • Noiseless due to a special reversible worm gearbox.
  • Magnetic end position sensors and mechanical shock absorber at the end run.
  • Programmable deceleration ramps.