MW remote head

General Details

MW Remote Head

MW is the Tecnopoint made remote Head.

Paolo Basilico designed a motorized and compact head made with two modulos that allow pan and tilt movements for ENG and broadcast cameras.

The head can be mounted on ceiling dolly, floor dolly, vertical translation dolly and  cranes. All these products are designed and manufactured by Tecnopoint.

With adapters MW head can be mounted on any standard support (Mitchell, Euromount 80mm, ecc).



Technical Info
  • Ethernet 10/100. communication.
  • Weight 10Kg. (can change with accessories and configuration).
  • pan angular limit 720°.
  • tilt angular limit 720°.
  • Capacity in L configuration 25Kg.
  • Maximum speed 1,5 turn/s.
  • Feeding 24V/20A.
  • can be a 2 axes (pan and tilt) or 3 axes (pan,tilt and roll).
  • mounted on dolly, crane or lift.