S2 lift - Floor dolly with telescopic column

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General Details

S2 with lift

The S2 floor dolly Lift can works in studio as well as outdoor.

  • The dolly moves along hexagonal rails mounted on a track made with a 4mm aluminum metal sheet.
  • The total height of the track is 30 mm.
  • Dolly and cables do a total width of 500mm.
  • It works with two motors (no traction belt) and 8 wheels, 4 of which are wheels-drive.
  • The remote head for broadcast camera is mounted on the three-stage-column with a stroke of 700mm.
  • Noiseless due to a special reversible worm gearbox and the absence of mechanical parts in a box that amplify the noise.
  • Magnetic end position sensors and mechanical shock absorber at the end run.
  • Deceleration ramps are programmable.
  • Position memorization and sequencing using Tecnopoint’s software “NETBOX” , Ubuntu based, easy to use and cost effective system for the management of broadcast camera movement devices.

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Technical Info
  • Ethernet 10/100 communication.
  • Dolly weight with a broadcast camera (about 7 Kg) 80Kg.
  • Maximum height of the lens 1.700mm.
  • Minimum height of the lens 1.000mm
  • Width of the track 500 mm.
  • Maximum speed 2 m/s.
  • Feeding 24V/40A.
  • Track available in straight pieces 2m – 1m – 0,5m and curves pieces with various radius, not less than 3m.
  • Remote head can be a 2 axes (pan and tilt) or 3 axes (pan,tilt and roll).